Steampunk Tasmania Festival is a winter celebration of the steampunk aesthetic featuring the history of our town with music, art displays, teapot racing, tea dueling and costume parade . Save the date 18th August 2018. George Town, Tasmania.

We hope to make this a great winter destination in the beautiful island state of Tasmania.

The 2018 festival is in it's formative state, the boilers are being stoked and the mighty brass pistons suitably lubricated. Help us to search for the increasingly "Mysterious Object", drink tea and promenade. All hail the Sentient Cloud !

Steam On !

Steampunk Tasmania Inc is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to deliver an exciting and professional event for Northern Tasmania.
Nixie tube images adapted from GN-4 Nixie tube by Wikiuser: Hellbus and are CC BY-SA 3.0